Sofia is a true healer in every sense of the word. I originally went to Sofia for a relaxing massage and came away with much, much more. Her touch is intuitive and healing. I’ve tried many a massage therapist in Sydney and the Blue Mountains and Sofia is by far the best. I often feel energy moving through her hands and over my body…truly restorative. Sofia intuitively knows which parts of my body need what kind of attention or pressure and adapts her massage to suit my needs. Her style has a very mesmerising flow and I leave our sessions feeling like I’ve just had a much needed holiday. I can’t recommend Sofia more highly.

Hillier Windsor, Blackheath


Sofia is a unique balance of nurturing care and knowledge. She brings so much intention to every single massage she shares.

I first experienced Sofia’s massage while recovering from collar bone surgery after an accident, and still in alot of pain with limited mobility. Her intuitive touch and knowledgeable skill made me feel safe and gave me confidence to relax and trust as she helped me back to balance. I credit much of my progress and recovery to Sofia and her expert hands. 

I feel relaxed the moment I arrive, like I’ve entered another world. I love the minimal statements in the sanctuary-like decor, the crystal touches and the simple stems of Australian Natives.

It is always the perfect temperature with cosy, warm towels, smells divine with essential oils and the music transports me into a zone of relaxed bliss.

I highly recommend Sofia if you are seeking a massage that balances both the mind and the body… she really has the magic touch.

Naomi Whitfeld, Blackheath

iKOU Founder


 I have a massage once a month from Sofia. Each massage is a unique, healing and deeply relaxing experience. Sofia is always present while she massages and takes time to work on any problem spots. Sofia is both professional and generous in her approach and I recommend anyone who wants a deep and healthful massage to try Sofia. You will not regret it.

Helen Duckworth, Blackheath


I have found Sofia’s massages to be intuitive, deeply healing and blissful. Each time I have had the pleasure of being massaged by Sofia, I feel that my physical body and subtle energetic bodies come into alignment and I sleep better, move more easily and feel my nervous system relax. Sofia has magical healing hands and such a beautiful grounded energy about her that I always feel more in flow after a treatment with her. I recommend her to all. She is the therapist’s therapist!

Kumari Linley, Blackheath

psychotherapist and reiki master


Sofia is a healer, she puts my body back together in the most nurturing, calming and beautiful invironment. I don’t know what I would do without my monthly massage with Sofia. 

Grace Heifetz, Blackheath

literary agent